Automotive Technology

About the Program

Imagine diving into a world where wrenches aren't just tools, but keys to unlock the full spectrum of automotive innovation. Welcome to the realm of Automotive Technology and Repair at UTC, where you're not just a student; you're the maestro orchestrating the symphony of horsepower, style, and cutting-edge technology.

Picture yourself not only understanding the intricacies of basic auto repair and maintenance but transcending into the realm of automotive artistry. In this program, you won't just learn how to fix cars; you'll be at the forefront of crafting automotive dreams. Envision custom auto shops as your playground, where restomods breathe new life into classics, high-end performance cars roar to life, electric vehicles hum with the promise of the future, and race cars push the boundaries of speed.

As a student in Automotive Technology, you're not just a mechanic; you're an automotive virtuoso, sculpting metal and engineering perfection. Your journey includes more than mastering the nuts and bolts – it's about understanding the soul of a machine, whether it's the growl of a V8 or the whisper of an electric motor.

Join us in a program where your passion for cars evolves into a career that's not just about turning a wrench but shaping the automotive landscape. Ready to be the driving force behind the future of transportation? 🏎️🔧

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Automobiles are my hobby and passion! Passing on this knowledge and helping students create new and exciting careers, that’s what I love to do!

High School Credit Embedded

Dual Enrollment/College Credit Opportunities

Post-secondary education is stressed to students in the automotive program. Representatives from industry, the community, plus representatives from technical colleges visit UTC during the school year to speak to students. The Automotive Technology program holds agreements with many in-state and out-of-state colleges that allow students to earn college credits for what they have completed within the program through concurrent enrollment and articulation agreements. Many of these credits are transferable between colleges. (For full list of agreements see Automotive agreement list document).

  • Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC):  possibility of 13 college credits 

  • Washington County Community College (WCCC): possibility of 5 college credits

  • Central Maine Community College (CMCC):  possibility of 7 college credits

  • Southern Maine Community College (SMCC):  possibility of 6 college credits

  • Northern Maine Community College (NMCC):  possibility of 5 college credits

  • Lake Region Community College (LRCC in NH):  possibility of 6 college credits

  • University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH):  possibility of (TBA) college credits

  • Universal Technical Institute (UTI):  maximum of 4 MTP courses may be challenged.

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Entry level Certification

  • Maine State Inspection Motor Vehicle License

  • OSHA 10-Hour Certification

  • Ford Factory Training (ACE)

  • Chrysler Factory Training (MCAP)

  • Snap-on Meter Certification (NC3)

  • American Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Safety

  • Bangor Fire Department Fire Safety Level 2

  • Maine Oxy (oxygen/fuel & grinding) Certificates

  • S/P2 Automotive Service Safety Certificates


SkillsUSA, National Technical Honor Society, professional orgs

Skills Developed in This Program

1.  Obtaining a 10-hour OSHA card         

2.  Applying shop and personal safety

3.  Understanding work ethics

4.  Applying professional attributes 

5.  Applying communication skills

6.  Diagnose and service of Engine Systems

7.  System principles and operation

8.  Performing Mechanical testing and service

9.  Performing Engine Lubrication services 

10. Performing cooling system services 

11. Diagnose and service of Electrical Systems

12. Diagnose and service of Electronic Systems

13. Performing electrical testing and repairs

14. Performing battery and starting system service

15. Performing lighting and charging system repair

16. Preparing a vehicle for a customer

17. Researching applicable service information

18. Preparing a vehicle for service

19. Performing preventive maintenance

20. Using creative/critical thinking skills

21. Diagnose and service of Engine Performance

22. Systems principles and operation

23. Performing Induction and Ignition service

24. Performing On-Board communication and Diagnostics 

25. Performing Exhaust and Emission control services

26. Diagnose and service of Heating and Air Conditioning

27. Systems principles and operation

28. Inspection of components and operation

29. Performing system services

30. Describing and identifying types of systems

Occupations in This Field

Professional Careers with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Specialized Training
Auto Engineer
Service Specialist / Technician
Auto Analyst
DOT/RMV Inspector
NASCAR Engineer
Safety Design Specialist
Auto Forensics
District Service Manager / Executive
Dealership Service Manager

Technical Career Paths
Service Tech
ASE Certified Tech
Auto Machinist
Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Tech
Service Advisor / Manager
Diesel Mechanic
Fleet Tech
Parts Manager
Shop Foreman

Entry Careers
Auto Tech Apprentice
Dealership Associate
Maintenance Tech
Parts Rep
Pit Crew
Alignment Tech